A recipe for nocturnal direct actions!

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info [For reading] [For printing, 11”x17”] “Direct action, simply put, means cutting out the middleman: solving problems yourself rather than petitioning the authorities or relying on external institutions. Any action that sidesteps regulations and representation to accomplish goals directly is ... Read More

How To: Wheatpaste

Wheatpasting is a simple, dirt-cheap way of spreading ideas, news, analyses, and creative expression outside of (and against) the pacified modes made available by the institutions that control and mangle our lives. Let’s reclaim, together, the means of expression from the media, Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, ... Read More

Solidarity with #NODAPL: How to block trains

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info Disclaimer: This video is intended purely for informational purposes only, and does in no way encourage or condone any illegal activity. Trains are one of the main ways that oil is transported across Turtle Island. Physical blockades of the tracks ... Read More

Oil Pipelines are easy to shutdown

From In less than a year seven oil pipelines in the US and Canada have been shutdown by climate activists, costing oil companies millions. Here’s how they did it. CORRECTION: In our haste to produce a video homage to Jean Leger, we mis-identified the ... Read More

Quick Tip: How to Mask Up

From Let’s face it, we live in a time where surveillance devices are all around us, be it police with video cameras, CCTV or citizens with mobile phones. So when we decide to take to the streets to oppose the state and their police, it’s ... Read More

How to safely submit communiques to

We thought it would be useful to summarize a basic technique to anonymously submit communiques, using the Tails operating system. Tails is a computer operating system designed with security in mind, which can boot off a USB or CD, from any computer. After shutting down ... Read More


Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info In CamOver, you play a group of humans confronted with an invasion of cameras in a gentrified neighborhood. The struggle against the cameras is important, but your own survival is essential! To win you must form teams with friends in ... Read More

Staying safer in the streets

For the next time... Staying safer in the streets Why wear a mask? It allows us to take action without fear of immediate identification. It’s not enough to cover half our face. Even if we get away, the police may use photos or video to ... Read More

Paint bombs: light bulbs filled with paint

From Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back First, put on your cloth gloves. This will keep your fingertips (and the paint bombs) clean. You should work on a soft surface (like a fold towel) to protect your bulb. 1. First, use needle-nose pliers to cut off ... Read More

Street Demonstration Tips

From Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back While people can participate in demos with their crew, sometimes it makes sense for crews to act together in a contingent or a bloc. The form chosen should fit the context. Here is a collection of tips for acting ... Read More