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How To: Wheatpaste

Wheatpasting is a simple, dirt-cheap way of spreading ideas, news, analyses, and creative expression outside of (and against) the pacified modes made available by the institutions that control and mangle our lives. Let’s reclaim, together, the means of expression from the media, Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, and everything else that reduces us to mere observers of life. Poetry is in the streets! WHAT YOU NEED •1 cup of flour ... Read More

Still Cameras, Still Targets

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info Anarchists hate cameras. We love games. That's why some friends in the Sud-West took up the call to play CAMOVER. Masked up in black (obvi), we bagged a bunch of nosey CCTVs and painted over many others. No Face No Case! Shouts out to hommies in Hochelaga throwing down. Keep the good work up and the snitch cameras down. From one participant: ... Read More

Montreal Banner Drop Opposes Trudeau Visit to Washington

From Resist Trump Montreal On Monday, February 13th, activists calling for open borders dropped a banner over a busy Montreal highway reading “Trump fasciste, Trudeau complice” (Trump is fascist, Trudeau is complicit). The action, across from Justin Trudeau’s constituency office, comes as Trudeau visits Trump in Washington, D.C. Read the full press release here, or see more photos and statements from the Open Borders Collective on facebook. A grassroots movement that ... Read More

Sabotage in Lanaudière

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info Rumors are circulating in the region of Lanaudière that a hydraulic excavator and a tractor were heavily sabotaged on the construction site of the new high-tension line at Ste-Émelie-de-l'Énergie. It seems that the sub-contractor of Hydro-Quebec will not be able to take his retirement as expected this year due to the costly damages to his machines. The site in this area is ... Read More

Beyond symbolism … for a Solidarity City!

From Solidarity Across Borders This morning, the City of Montreal Executive Committee is expected to take the first steps to declare Montreal a "Sanctuary City", similar to the hundreds of Sanctuary Cities that already exist in the United States, and more recently in Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver. Declaring Montreal a "Sanctuary City" is not sufficient on its own. "The City of Montreal needs to get beyond easy ... Read More

Cabaret and open-mic night against gentrification

Most humble greetings, Princesses and Princes of the so-called city of Montreal. It is time to brighten up our long, cold nights with a luxurious and decadent celebration in honor of gentrification! In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, dangerous anarchists are trying to slow progress. But, gentrification is an inevitability of unfettered capitalism, a most desirable process and, of course, our highest ambition. Join us as we feast on salmon and caviar, ... Read More

Everybody hates racists!

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info Translation: the title is a play on the chant “Tout le monde déteste la police!” (Everybody hates the police) that was popularized in the rebellion in Paris last summer. Last Sunday night, six people from the Muslim community in Quebec city were assassinated at their mosque. This shows that racist extreme-right ideology is very much alive in supposedly egalitarian and tolerant Quebec society, ... Read More

US Consulate Shut Down, Call for Continued Direct Action to End Canadian Complicity in Racist Violence

On Monday in Tiohtia:ke (aka Montreal in occupied Kanien'kehá:ka territory), hundreds of people outraged and sorrowed by the horrifying intensification of Islamophobic violence on both sides of the border shut down the US consulate. Standing front of the consulate doors with banners and signs, first in silent sorrow and anger, protesters then began spontaneously chanting together- not only against Trump's Muslim ban, but also against the racism that ... Read More

For an end to repression: let’s multiply the actions!

FOR AN END TO THE REPRESSION: LET'S MULTIPLY THE ACTIONS! 21ST INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY! For more than a decade, the COBP has denounced, through the International Day against Police Brutality, several themes of police: social cleansing, militarization, impunity, social / racial / political profiling, the slide towards more total social control, etc. We are seeing more and more that no matter what aspect of police work ... Read More

Emergency Demonstration against Donald Trump and the Far-Right

Open the Borders! Support Indigenous Sovereignty! No One Is Illegal! Emergency Demonstration against Donald Trump and the Far-Right SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 12PM Bethune Square, Guy & De Maisonneuve West (métro Guy-Concordia) Donald Trump has announced, or is imminently planning, various executive measures that will attack refugees and migrants, increase violent and racist immigration enforcement, target sanctuary cities, and fund the extension of the Clinton-era wall at the ... Read More

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