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Enbridge Line 3: The Feeblest Head of the Hydra

From It's Going Down I started researching this article while at Standing Rock, after learning that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had approved a $7.5 billion pipeline project to replace Line 3. At the time, I didn’t even know such a proposal was on the table. In so-called Canada, the Kinder Morgan and Energy East pipelines have gotten the lion’s share of media attention. My first thought ... Read More

Call for Week of Solidarity Against Repression April 1st-7th

From Standing Rock, to Sacramento, to DC From It's Going Down In cooperation with CrimethInc.,, and others, we are calling for a week of solidarity to support everyone targeted for standing up to the Trump regime and rising fascism. The past four months have seen unprecedented waves of action—from the post-election rebellions and the defense of Standing Rock to the J20 demonstrations, the airport blockades, and the ... Read More

Revolt in the youth center of Val-Du-Lac

Last night, at around 10:30, six teenagers at the youth center in Val-Du-Lac, near Sherbrooke, decided to revolt against the authorities of the establishment. They threatened to smash everything inside and refused to collaborate with the intervention team at the center. Unsurprisingly, the institution called the cops. The six teenagers resisted their arrest, and will be charged with illegal assembly, assault on an agent, harassment, making threats, ... Read More

The other sovereignty – the Innu

From The Sling: Montreal Anarchist Journal Selected excerpts Praised on both sides of the white world as a turning point in the way of dealing with indigenous communities, a crucial “modern treaty” is getting ready to be signed, should all go poorly. The Petapan Treaty with the Innu communities of Mashteuiatsh, Essipit, and Nutashkuan is the result of 30 years of negotiations, during which six other Innu ... Read More

Emergency Counter-demo

THIS SUNDAY, March 19th, far-right group Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (the same people who organized the anti-M103 demo on March 4th) is attempting to mobilize nationwide for a second demo against M103. These demos are set to begin around noon in front of City Halls across so-called Canada and Québec, and while the interest for Montreal is unclear (looks pretty low-scale judging by Facebook, but it's ... Read More

Anti-gentrification vandalism in Saint-Henri

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info On March 15, 2017, a dozen or so condo owners in Saint-Henri dug their cars out from under the biggest snowfall of the winter, only to learn that their tires had been slashed while they slept. We carried out this simple action on the eve of the 20th annual Protest Against Police Brutality, in Hochelaga, to emphasize that the struggle against policing ... Read More

March 15 in Montreal: police attacked, kettle broken

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info A couple hundred people gathered yesterday evening at Place Valois in Hochelaga for the 20th annual edition of the Demonstration Against Police Brutality, organized by the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP). It was the day after the largest snowstorm of the year in Montreal, and the mounds of snow lining the streets meant obstacles for both demonstrators and the cops. Refusing the ... Read More

Frontlines in the Fight Against Islamophobia

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info On March 4th a series of Islamophobic demonstrations had been called across Canada, by a (probably one-person) group known as the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens. Ostensibly the rallies were against Bill M-103, a parliamentary private member’s motion condemning Islamophobia (in the wake of the massacre at a mosque in Quebec City earlier this year), which the CCCC framed as an attack ... Read More

Montreal Counter-information is now a publication!

[For reading] [For printing, 11”x17”] [Poster center-fold, 11”x17” (optional)] The first issue collects content from the last two years. Future issues will be released every several months, to keep the material timely. For those with free access to colour printers, we've included a center-fold of 24 posters that can be attached with an elastic. You can get copies at La Deferle and L'Insoumise. If you'd like more ... Read More

Putting into practice: adding to the conversation on anarchist activity in Montreal

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info Download and Print Here We'd like to respond with our thoughts to a text Mise en Commun (Putting in Common) that has been circulated critiquing insurrectionary projects and perspectives in Montreal. We appreciate that the authors of Mise en Common want to elaborate similarities and clarify differences, and move past bad faith. We’re taking this as an occasion to respond and ... Read More

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